Samuel Levy                               I&T System Engineer – Group Leader

Professional Skills:
·        10 years of software development experience.
·        7 years of system administration experience.
·        4 years of management experience.
·        3 years of project management experience.
·        4 years of end to end system integration and testing experience.
·        Deep knowledge and experience in the following technologies:
·    PHP/MySQL/Javascript (AJAX), XML/XSL,JSON, Asterisk, Linux, VBA ,Oracle, DVB, IPTV , Python.
·    Very deep knowledge in open source world
·    Deep knowledge in networking.
·    Very deep knowledge in databases (MySQL,SQL Server,Access, Oracle, MongoDB).
·        Very deep knowledge in Asterisk – Open source PBX
·        Strengths: ability to effectively prioritize and work on parallel tasks, very versatile, extremely quick learner, ambitious and fully motivated to my work. Excellent interpersonal relationship. Motivator, leader.

Professional Experience:
2004-2010 – Ciel Telecom – SW Engineer / System Administrator/ Project Manager / Group Leader
·    Development and administration of CRM,ERP and billing systems of the company (PHP,MySQL under Linux)
·    Development of Intranet/Extranet of the company (PHP,MySQL in Linux Environment)
·    Management of a team of 3 developers.
·    Installation and administration of the company’s servers, 8 Linux/Debian servers running MySQL,Apache2,ProFTPd,Postfix,Samba,Asterisk.
·    Network administration of the company. (Multisite-VPN Ipsec)
·    Database Administration; installation, design, administration, optimization, queries, work with huge databases
·    Migration of the telephony to Asterisk – The Open source PBX (SIP,IAX,PRI,DAHDI,Harphones,Softphones) integration to the CRM and development of a lot of tools around Asterisk (PHP-AGI, C# , Asterisk Manager).

2010-Present – NDS then Cisco video technologies – I&T system engineer (technical leader since 2012, group leader since 2015).
·    Integration and delivery of end to end TV broadcast systems (Satellite, Cable, IPTV, Conditional Access).
·    Point of knowledge and mentoring of other employees. Technical lead.
·    Development of multiple integration tools (PHP, Python, bash scripts).
·    Integration in customer’s site (Italia, Belgium).
·    CEO Award 2012, ISTQB exam with Cum Laude.

Operating systems: MS Windows NT/9x/2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux (RedHat,Debian,Ubuntu), Unix
FDF,Python.LEJOS.,Languages: PHP,Javascript,HTML,XSL/XML,Perl,SQL,C,C++,C#,VB,VBA,ksh
Databases: MySQL, Access, SQL Server , Oracle, MongoDB

Military Service:
2002-2004 – Pikud Merkaz
Development in Microsoft Office environment (VBA). Technical support, Excellence award (Mitstayen) in 2003.


French: Mother tongue, Hebrew: very good level , English: very good level.

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