What are the differences between Zaptel and DAHDI ?


It's been a while since I've posted here but I wanted to share my amazing encounter with DAHDI.

Unfortunately being forced to reinstall Asterisk, even more unfortunately the pass was version 1.4.

When picking sources to compile, surprise, our good old zaptel no longer exists, it is replaced by a strange thing called DAHDI.

This kind of surprises are generally not unpleasant apart when you stop by 50 users of prod on the back, not short fun.

After some research it appears that changes with zaptel are not so huge as it seems;

Differences between zaptel and DAHDI - configuration

Compiling dahdi, libpri, asterisk and asterisk-addons takes place without worry.

the zaptel.conf disappears in favor of, dahdi / system.conf whose syntax is similar to if not the echo-cancellation information is now a configurable channel.

Here is an example configuration for a single card TE110P connected to a T2;

# Global data
loadzone = fr
defaultzone = fr

zapata.conf disappears in favor of, dahdi-channels.conf in which I have made no changes.

In extensions.conf classic Dial (ZAP/g1 ... is simply replaced by Dial (DAHDI/g1 ... (a simple string replacement is enough).

Differences between zaptel and DAHDI - tools

Regarding the various existing tools for configuration and monitoring of channels and interfaces; the good old ztcfg becomes dahdi_cfg, zttest becomes dahdi_test, zttool becomes dahdi_tool.A lot of other utilities are also available with dahdi (type dahdi + TAB on your linux box to see the list).

To summarize

In summary, there is really no need to panic with dahdi
It seems completely different, but with a minimum of organization, the migration from zaptel to dahdi is very easy.

good luck!

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