Meet A2Billing


As an happy administrator of ten Asterisk servers, I was asked to manage a project of prepaid accounts based on our favorite IPBX.

The configuration is simple a priori, the client receives the server's phone number, an access code (or recognition of his calling number) and can compose and communicate within his credit limit.

Silly loss of time

I firstly thought that it must be feasible "in house" with a script that will check in a database to identify the caller (either by code or by typed CID) and run the command Dial will if it is authenticated (with a maximum time limit corresponding to a calculation based on the cost of the call and its remaining credit). once the call is finished a small decrement its remaining credit, "c'est tout".

In fact I have spent two days and it was not so trivial, I even got headache with lots of little details.


I then decided to search for a tool doing that (I know I did things in reverse, my pride is misplaced :-) ) frankly not convinced to find such a thing as free.

I begin to dig in voip-info wiki and try different things more or less successful, more or less free, more or less uninstallable.

And I fell on A2biling AMAZING product PHP / MySQL based that manages not only everything I want but even ten times more (prepaid, postpaid, identification by CID, recharge cards .. .)!

After 3 back flipsand quarter of an hour installed smoothly (frankly awesome the wiki, I did follow the the letter) is directly operational tool and is frankly madness in terms of ergonomics and ease of starting to use.

  • You create your users who are authenticated either by their CID either by typing a code.
  • You create your prepaid card, everything is customizable.
  • You create your offers
  • You retrieves stats, invoices ...
  • In short, a multitude of features (which I am far from having made ​​the tour so it is large)

You understand I'm a fan of a2billing and I strongly encourage you to test a

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